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Keys to survive as a startup

Startups have raised and died, and the phenomenon is no longer a surprise. It signifies that today, starting a business is easy, but the maintenance requires much greater efforts.

Going solo is a bad move

mindsInvolving more people means more ideas and more networks. If a problem arises and one person gets stuck, the other can still provide a solution derived from a different angle. Also, the division of labor means less burden and leads to more manageability. Then why not employing this principle when establishing a business, by hiring a co-CEO.
However, the division of power should be clear. Co-CEO should not have the same power as the CEO, and the major decisions should be reserved only for him/her. And as mentioned before, having a co-CEO is to have a person who can provide different perspectives. So, a co-CEO is best equipped with additional expertise that the CEO does not have. For example, if you are the expert in supply management then your co-CEO in online marketing.

Networking and Marketing

Networking should come before marketing and a good company nurture its network since the very beginning until the time the company ceases to exist.
From networking, you can foresee the condition of the market demand. Most start-ups fail because their products do not meet enough needs in the available market. The old optimism that says “create your market” may sound encouraging, but in reality, if you do not have enough resources (which is the typical condition of a start-up), marketing campaigns with hope to raise new demand will cost you enormously and drain your pocket.
graphicNetworking with the people in the business-hood will give you a picture how to start your business slowly but surely. And do not forget to learn from others’ mistake.
From networking comes marketing. Armed with the knowledge of your fellow businessman, now you can begin to launch marketing campaigns of your own. Online-marketing is the oxygen of startup. Knowledge of SEO and the agency for search engine optimization; marketing on social media, and online security; all are the strategies to nourish your business.

Reserving capital

ff13423The second cause of start-up failure is running out cash. Focusing on production, operational, and maintenance is a good thing, but tends to overlook the bubbling expense.
Every start-up needs to be aware of their possible downturn. For example, try to calculate if the sale decline happens for two years, and how much money is going to spill out from your stash. That is the least amount of money you need to have as your reserve.


Understanding Blackbird Amazon Software Suite

Understanding Blackbird Amazon Software Suite is as easy as ABC as long as you have ever tried selling your products on Amazon. This is because this software breaks down the process of selling products on Amazon in a way that makes it too easy to be true, especially for those who have tried the process on their own. There are two things that the Blackbird Amazon software suite offers to its members- training and the software itself. There are 95 videos that are dedicated to training members on how to sell their products on Amazon. The courses are broken down into various sections all of which are geared towards giving members as much information as possible on being a seller at Amazon. Apart from the training, this amazon software has the tools of putting into practice what has been learned in the videos. Here is a breakdown of the training process.

Blackbird Amazon Software Suite

Introduction to selling products on Amazon


The first phase of the training introduces new members to selling products on Amazon. It explains how to get started by choosing the best products to sell. It also explains that you do not need to have your own products to be a seller on Amazon- you can sell other people’s products. At this point, members are trained on how to choose the best suppliers of the products that they want to sell.

Developing a marketing strategy for your products

Once you have chosen the products that you want to sell, the Blackbird Amazon software now trains you on how to be a cut above the rest in whatever products you sell. It gives you tips on how you can create an internationally acceptable product that will give you the revenue that you badly need. Once you have a world-class product, the Blackbird software helps you market it.

Understanding the logistics involved in online shopping

Starting a shop on Amazon may be a sweet piece of cake, but when a customer actually places an order for a product on your shop, you realize that you have a lot to do. You need to understand the Amazon shipping process, policies and guidelines in black and white. You also need to know how to handle returns. Basically, you need to have a clear understanding of all the logistics involved in selling a product on Amazon from the time a customer places an order to the time the goods are delivered to them wherever they are on the planet. You get all this knowledge from the Blackbird Amazon software.

Fast-tracking your way to the top

marketing concept Having learned the way to start and sustain your online shop at Amazon, you now need to know how to be the best seller. Next, the Blackbird Amazon software explains how you can reach your full potential through writing product reviews, tracking the performance of your shop and having the business essentials that make shoppers feel at home while doing business with you. You get to know the advertising strategies that work best with products listed on Amazon so that you can keep customers flowing to your shop as long as it exists. Finally, you also learn how to adhere to Amazon’s terms and conditions so that your business keeps thriving.

Indeed, you just need the Blackbird Amazon software to become an entrepreneur with Amazon. You do not need to have any products to sell. You just need to understand this software in black and white and start using it.